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Q? Which Moments on Magnets Service Package will be suitable for my event?

A. It depends on the type and length of the event, plus its number of guests. Contact us for a free consultation, and we will gladly go over your options.

Q? How many photo magnets do you print at an event?

A. Unlimited photos. Moments on Magnets will shoot photographs of every guest so they can take their photo magnet home with them. If more than one person appears in a photo, we will print a copy for each to take home.

Q? When will our photographs be available to view during and after the event?

A. The photo magnets will be available for your guests to pick up within minutes. Additionally, all photographs taken will be available for you on our website within 24 hours after the event.

Q? How big are the photo magnets provided at the event?

A. Standard photo magnet size is 2.5” x 3.5”, though other sizes are available.

Q? During the event, how long will it take before we can see the photographs?

A. Our photographer will mingle and snap photos of you and your guests, bring them to our production booth, and we will convert them to magnets. The process takes only a few minutes.

Q? Where will the photo magnets be displayed at the event?

A. We will provide a magnetic board to display all photo magnets so you and your guests can easily pick them up.

Q? Can I choose how a photo magnet template will look?

A.  Absolutely. We provide customized framing and will design your frame to your liking before the event with wordings and/or logo of your choice. You can view examples in the website’s Gallery section.

Q? How long does it take to set up prior to the event?

A. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes to set up.

Q? Will you need any special arrangements at the event?

A. We will need a working electrical outlet along with a table near the magnet production station.

Q? What will I need to provide you in order to book an event?

A. To book an event date, we will need a deposit fee and a signed agreement. Click here for Booking and inquiries.