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How it Works

Our photographer walks around taking photos

Our event manager instantly creates the photo magnets

Photo Magnets are displayed on the Magnetic board

Guests pick their photo magnets               (For FREE)





Your experience with Moments on Magnets will begin with a brief consultation to discuss the frame style and text you would like to include such as name, date, event name or anything else you would like to appear. Then during the event, rather than a traditional, stationary stand-in-line photo shoot, Moments on Magnets provides a world-class photographer to discretely mingle among guests and capture you, family and friends enjoying your time together.

We work in real time, so your photo magnets will be produced onsite and displayed on a magnet board for your guests to browse and select their photo magnets to take home as a keepsake. With a photo magnet, your memories will not be printed on paper only to be stowed away, forgotten or lost, nor will they be stored as digital files deep within your smartphone’s memory card. Instead, they can be placed on a variety of surfaces so your special moments will always be present for you to reflect on.

And as a special gift, we will provide an online gallery of photographs within 24 hours after the event so your memories will be available in a timely manner.



– Do you have an upcoming work benefit? Just send us your company logo, and when we serve your event, we will brand and seal your memories with our highest quality service!

– How about a wedding? We have got several classy frames for you to choose from. Fundraiser? Bachelorette party? Birthday? You name the event, and we got you covered.

Moments on Magnets was designed to enhance your events by providing a unique service that will offer your guests take-home keepsakes to preserve their fond memories. So try something different and book our service to take your event to the next level. Trust us, you and your guests will be blown away! Contact us now for pricing information.