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Urgent – Notice to our clients and prospects

Dear customers, partners, and friends,

It has come to our attention that the following counterfeited websites:

“”   and


are using our images, name and credentials to promote their services.

There are several police reports, FBI report, and court orders filed against the violent person who runs the above websites. You can view offender name visible at Police Report #3, order of protection request (#5), and FBI report (#4) listed below.

If you have received emails from the following:   instead of  you have been deceived. Email ending with .net are not used by Roi Ravid and Moments on Magnets, Inc.

Roi Ravid, Moments on Magnets, Inc. and Flash Magnets LLC are not responsible for the quality of service and actions of the counterfeited websites mentioned above and do not endorse them. We do not affiliate with them, and we do not recommend their service. We highly recommend that you refrain from doing business with any person related to and

The only official websites related to Roi Ravid are: and

The only approved and official emails which represents Moments on Magnets, Inc. and Flash Magnets LLC, and related to Roi Ravid are:


Click on the following links to view the police reports:

  1. Police report #1 – Bank account money theft
  1. Police Report #2Equipment theft
  1. Police Report #3 (You can view the offender name) –Equipment theft and violence while an event took place
  1. FBI Report – Online account breach and files theft (You can view offender’s name)
  1. Order of Protection Request (You can view offender’s name)


How to find out if you are dealing with dishonest person:

Usually their full name is not visible to you in their email signature. They use only their first name or a different name to communicate with you.

They yell for no reason when speaking with them. This should be a red flag.


Roi Ravid
Moments on Magnets, Inc. – Owner
Flash Magnets LLC – Owner

You can reach me with any questions at 630-935-9352 or